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Boost your Business with Speednetworking on Linkedin

Sábado, junio 14th, 2014

Boost your Business with Speednetworking on Linkedin

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Create synergies and business opportunities among linkedin group members.

How it Works

  • Any group owner can organize an online speednetworking meeting whenever they consider is the right moment to do it.
  • Attendants will have one to one 5 minutes online meetings in order to create synergies and business opportunities.
  • Technology: you can see each other, share files and presentations, make a quick demo… whatever you need so that both of you in an online 5 minutes meeting can exchange ideas and material in order to decide if you want to make further steps out of that point in order to create mutual value.
  • Every 5 minutes a new person will appear in your screen to repeat the procedure.


  • You have most of the potential of the offline speednetworking skipping physical barriers.
  • You will meet online a huge amount of people with which potentially can create value.
  • No interruption marketing. If you are there is because you are willing to listen to the other person you have infront and share your own ideas and projects.
  • You won´t be selling there, but you will probably create huge synergy opportunities.

Interesting?  How about if we make it truth?

Why this post?

  • I have been doing offline speednetworking for sometime and I am amazed of how powerful this tool  is in order to create synergies among attendants.
  • I do believe Linkedin is the perfect social network for online speednetworking, and it also can be a good source of income for them.
  • I would like to have this functionality in linked as we all coud benefit from it.

If you like online speednetworking idea on linked in please click like and share it so we all can reach executives in linkedin that decide develop it and we all can benefit from this functionality.